My Nokia E71

Ever since Nokia had released their Smartphone E71, I had made up my mind to own it and use it. I was using Nokia E65 prior to my purchase of Nokia E71. I love my Nokia E65 which I was using extensively for my calls, appointments and email. I still have it with me as my secondary phone.

It has been 8 months since I purchased Nokia E71 and I am pretty impressed with it. It is very thin and elegant. It is a wonder that this thin piece packs so many features in it. It also runs an open source software which supports lots of free and paid software available.

I am using my Nokia E71 for the following other than Calls and Text Messages.

e-mail: I am using the Nokia email service for my email needs. I have configured my Work, Gmail, Live & Yahoo! accounts (I have different accounts for different purposes) and also have it set to deliver my emails to my phone as soon as it hits my inbox. It works wonderfully and I would recommend it to all having Nokia Phones which can work with this service. It can display the emails in HTML and can download on demand and open most common document types, .zip files and .pdf documents. This service can be used only on selected Nokia Phones which are listed in the site.

Calendar: I use the calendar feature to schedule my appointments, tasks and anniversaries which I sync with Google Calendar using Mail for Exchange which can be downloaded from here. The events I add in my Nokia E71 syncs to Google Calendar and vice-versa. I get alerted by a Text Message sent by Google at a specified time before the event.

Web Browsing: I do not browse the web much with my Nokia E71 and hence using the native browser of the phone. It is pretty convenient and serves my purpose. I have tried skyfire browser once and it has too many options than what I need and hence switched back to the native browser. Power users can give skyfire browser a try.

Social Media: I update my Facebook, Orkut & Twitter accounts regularly using my Nokia E71. To update my facebook account I use the free application snaptu, which also has lots of other useful applications like AccuWeather, CricInfo, Google Calendar, Picasa, Twitter and many more built in. It indeed is a wonderful application to have on Nokia E71, as one get lots of applications in a place and also if one doesn’t want to install too many applications in the phone.

To update my Orkut account and be in touch with my friends I use the Google mobile application for Orkut. This application has lots of features and aims at giving the mobile users the same feel as using the Orkut on a Desktop or Laptop.

To update my Twitter account I use snaptu, Tweets60 and Twibble. These applications have their pros and cons and I often find myself spending much time on Twibble nowadays.

Other Applications: Apart from the above mentioned applications which I use extensively, I also use Advanced Call Manger which came bundled with the phone. It is a useful application which can filter incoming calls based on time and also on location. The application can be programmed to automatically send Text messages to the callers whose call you are unable to take. I also use Google Maps which I use occasionally to find out directions and distances while travelling to a new place. Though this application has lots of features I use only the basic feature of finding my location and directions.

Nokia E71 is surely a mobile phone for the Modern Day Professionals who want to be in the moment, be it work, friends or family.

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