Mumbai Rains

There are only two seasons in Mumbai. One in which we pray for more rains and the other in which we pray for no more rains. Now we are in the latter season. One fine day in the last week rain woke up and said, “Oops! I’m late for Mumbai.” and started pouring.

When it rains, the low-lying areas change into mini (at times, mega) swimming pools. Friends from different parts of the Country react with pity, envy, surprise, pride etc. depending on the weather condition at their place. Water level raises in the railway tracks and the local trains come to a halt disrupting the whole schedule for the day. We start planning our way back from our office and to our office depending on the time of the day. Multi-coloured umbrellas, rain coats, hats, wind cheaters are seen everywhere. We, who are caught off-guard, get drenched in the rain, but not before protecting our Mobile Phone. In order to reach the destination early we all take our vehicles out, crowd the roads and ensure the exact opposite of reaching early happens. We reach our destination and talk about how we braved the rain. We continue our work, nevertheless.

One can’t explain what it is like when it rains in Mumbai. One has to experience it.

If you are in Mumbai be safe and enjoy the rains, else, plan a visit before the monsoon ends.



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