To Believe or Not To Believe is the Question

I went on a road trip recently to the nearby Hill Station. On my way back, I had picked up a jar of Aloe Vera juice after reading all the health benefits listed on the advertisement. The recommended dosage was 30mL per day and that too diluted with two times water. That is 90mL drink with 30mL Aloe Vera juice and 60mL Water. I read it and did not bother about it. The feeling of holding the juice in hand was making me feel good. I felt like I have already become healthier than I am now.

My habit of reading about all the stuff that I eat, let it be food or medicine led me to a Google search for Aloe Vera juice, which not only resulted in more than 10,000,000 results but also came with a related search suggestion for side effects of Aloe Vera juice.


I clicked on the link and red a couple of articles talking about the side effects. What I learnt was that though there are many benefits of consuming Aloe Vera, as in all medicines, there are some side effects of consuming more than the regular dosage. This has made me confused. Should I ignore the articles on side effects because they are on internet? No, I can’t. I read the benefits also from the internet.

I have now decided to talk to people what have already consumed Aloe Vera and also talk to a doctor before going ahead with taking a dose of Aloe Vera.

Have you ever taken a medicine or unusual food products by just reading about it online? Tell me about it as a comment.


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