It always is a fun being a teacher and especially to little kids. They teach us a lot in return, if we are willing to learn. 🙂

a breakfast serial

< by Brennan >

Showing off your undergarments is a personal, intensely private experience. When was the last time you tried on underwear and walked out of the dressing room to ask for an opinion? Dreamt you got to school in your skivvies just as the bell rang?

Teaching a classroom of 28 second graders can lead to some rather hectic moments. Each child is like their own individual roller coaster, twists and turns coming when you least expect them, never quite sure what is coming next. It gives yield to some amazing moments of emotion and sympathy, anger, and frustration. And that’s just from the teacher.

Caught up in a particularly passionate moment of explaining long division — you would be surprised how energized the sensation of remembering basic math can make you feel — I lost control of my eraser; it clattered to the floor. Bending down to…

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