Fencing With Ink

We Christians love to tell people “No.” Whether it’s sex, body piercings, Harry Potter books, or the occasional, appropriate Family Guy reference.

And let’s be honest. Saying “No,” feels good! It makes you feel in charge. I mean look at the Genie in Aladdin. First thing he did when he as free? Looked Aladdin in the eye and said, “NO!” Why? Because he could!

Better yet, saying “No” makes you feel better than the person you are no-ing. After all, you already know it’s a no-no, and you in your enlightened state get to let them know it’s a no-no, too, not only so they won’t do the no-no, but so they can know that you know what a no-no it is by how you’re not doing it.

Christians seem to say “no,” more than anybody else on the planet. It’s one of the many reasons the world hates…

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