To Judge or Not

Recently I was on a plane returning back from a meeting.

This person, let us call him A, who was wearing simple clothes and was looking a little lost sat on the aisle seat on the row before mine. Another person, let us call him B, who was in full formal suit also came to sit on the front row, but on the window seat. B had a weird look on his face and was very arrogant while telling A to make way for him to go to his seat. A got up and made way for B. B then started to find place for his fancy bag on the overhead locker. He turned to A again asked if the bag which was already there was his. A nodded, meaning yes. B said, in fact ordered, A to remove it so that he can keep his. A did as he was asked to do. A then placed his bag on the overhead locker opposite to his seat. Once B was settled in his place A sat back. B was talking in English all the time with A, while holding a “Do you understand English?” look on his face. Through out the flight B was treating A as someone whom was below the kind of standards he was maintaining.

Once the flight landed A had to undergo another round of such talk from B, when he was asked to make way for him to move out. A stood up and made way. Something interesting happened now. B was struggling taking his bag out as it had got stuck due to some turbulence during the flight. A spoke to B for the first time and that too in very good English, offering to help B take his bag out. B was taken aback. The expression on his face clearly showed that he was shocked. A helped B remove his bag out. B was now holding an expression which can be equated to shame on his face. He did not make eye contact with A from now on. He hung his head and moved out of the aircraft.

The above just illustrates the Idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”



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