What makes a Successful Business Idea?

Thousands of people start a business everyday. Some of them are moderately successful and some extraordinarily successful. Most of the businesses do not take off as expected. It does not mean that the person who took a dive in the world of entrepreneurship was not smart, intelligent and hard working. Sometimes it is the business idea that is the problem.

What makes a business idea worthy and successful? The more we think about successful businesses we can arrive at a point that businesses that make a simple solution to solve a real problem are usually successful. The problem may be something that we realize or not. Like till the time a product comes around and shows us a simple way of doing something that we have been doing everyday, we may not have even realized or may be thought of a simple solution. It is possible that people were slicing loafs of bread day in and day out complaining how hard it is till one fine day sliced bread was available in shops. Then it would have struck many that it was a brilliant idea. “Why did I not think about it?” would have been the question in many business person’s minds.

So, when you think of a business idea you need to just run it through a question. If the answer is yes, you might be on the right track, provided you implement the idea smartly.

The Question is, “Is my idea going to provide a simple solution to a real problem?

What is your opinion on this?


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