About Me

I was born and brought up in the Great City of Madurai which is the home of Thamizh Sangam. A significant amount of my life so far has been spent in Madurai and adjoining areas as I had my entire education there before I moved out to earn.

I am a person of very few words, who loves new technology and I believe that technology should make one more productive than making him more lazy. I am quick to try new and novel ideas.

I love the colour Red. It represents courage, strength, confidence, spontaneity and originality.

I believe in not trying to take water out of a dry well and as a result I research and plan a lot before I venture into something. Here I am writing my first blog post after declaring that I’ll be starting a blog soon (?!) on February 17, 2009 in my Twitter Page.

I read a lot and have a passion for reading. I read almost anything and everything, trying to learn something out of it.

I love travelling and have visited lots of places in India. I am yet to visit a place abroad and plan to do so soon.

Let me start a paragraph without the letter I and stop my story here …

Have a pleasant stay here and visit back for more …

Cheers !


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